We are two Hatha Yoga instructors who met in Mumbai, India in 2014, while working on our Yoga Teacher certification and Ayurvedic Practitioner certification. We quickly realized that we shared the same curiosity for India’s ancient wisdom, which has helped us improve all aspects of our lives. This practice has also offered us cherished moments where we have experienced a higher state of being. We believe that Yogic practices are all a person needs in order to find happiness and enlightenment. As Buddha said “there is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”. This is our journey. We would like to share it with you.

Sahana Yoga was born in Athens, Greece and in 2016 it relocated to Los Angeles, CA .              As of September 2017 we offer our services in Seattle, WA .

We offer classes for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for a meditative experience or a high intensity Yoga session.



myphotoMy journey started at the age of 6 when I became a rhythmic gymnastics athlete and soon joined a team and started competing on a national level in Athens, Greece.

After finishing high school, I focused on ballet for 8 years until a knee injury forced me to slow down, and focus on my recovery instead. During this restoration period I was introduced to yoga by my physiotherapist and came to realize how body-friendly it is, as opposed to any kind of sports I’d tried up to that point.

I was so inspired and fascinated that after a few years of practice I traveled to India to attend a Hatha-based Yoga Teacher Training program at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai. Right after finishing my first 200-hour program I returned to my home country, Greece and started teaching.

In Summer 2016 I decided to follow my heart and moved to Los Angeles to teach, enhance my knowledge on Yogic philosophy and further develop my practice.

As of 2017 I live and teach in Seattle, WA .


img_1407I started my yoga journey about ten years ago after taking a three-day meditation class in Los Angeles.  It had a very strong impact on my state of mind, offering short but definite moments of clarity. I wanted to lengthen these moments and make them a regular part of my life, so I began meditating regularly. I then added several asanas to my practice, simply to help me maintain the seated position for longer periods of time, but after a few years, work began to consume me and I almost stopped meditating entirely.

Four years ago, I finally quit my IT job and went backpacking across Asia and New Zealand, a personal pilgrimage that would end three years later. I had decided to focus on my health and peace of mind.  I spent about one and a half years in India, traveling and studying Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga. I studied at the Ayuskama Ayurveda Institute in Bhagsu, where I completed a three month Ayurvedic Practitioner certification program, and then continued traveling, focusing on my yoga studies everywhere I went. I’ve studied Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Siddha Kundalini, Tantra. I’ve also experienced ten days of silent meditation at the Vipassana center in Bodhgaya and another ten days at the Vipassana center in Churu. Before leaving India I completed a three-month teacher training certification program at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the oldest organized Yoga school in the world.