There are many techniques used for meditation.

In our practice we focus on two main techniques that are simple and effective; the breath focused meditation technique and the third eye focused meditation techniques. These techniques are used to lure your focus onto the subtle energies of the body which are directly linked to the essence of the spirit.

The practice is simple to follow. You sit cross-legged on the floor or on a chair with your feet flat on the ground, maintaining a straight spine, preferably unsupported by any back rest. Then you simply begin to focus on the third eye Chakra or the subtle breath as it enters and escapes and maintain this focus for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

 Benefits of meditation:

· Relieves anxiety and stress
· Relieves depression
· Improves concentration
· Improves memory
· Strengthens the intuitive sense
· Improves intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence
· Improves overall psychology

The truth is that Mediation is Yoga, which means to unify or yoke. The practice of Yoga leads to the unification of the body, mind and soul with the universal spirit. We make a distinction between Yoga and Mediation because many people that practice Yoga, are either practicing Asanas or some form of Vinyasa Flow, which is essentially Asanas in motion. The primary purpose for all the Asanas is to prepare the body and the mind for Meditation, which is no simple task, as some might think. Sitting cross-legged and maintaining a straight spine for an extended period of time while attempting to stop the thought processes of the mind takes a certain amount of physical and mental strength.

What we must first understand is that the mind does not want to be disciplined, it’s just like a child; it runs around everywhere, does whatever it wants, and yells and screams when you try to control it. Some people have argued that trying to stop the mind from free flowing thought hinders creativity and suppresses the natural thought process. Nothing could be further from the truth, as any true practitioner of meditation will tell you.

To try and give beginners an understanding as to what is happening while you meditate, I will attempt to offer a raw description here, but please understand that everyone’s experience is unique.

The mind will not quiet down easily, it will take patience and effort to gain control over it. Once you have successfully gained control and stopped the thought process, it will be a very unique experience for you, which will no doubt lead to a prideful thought of achievement. Once you’ve realized you are thinking again, you’ll probably be setback by another thought of disappointment or frustration. As you might imagine, this is a cycle that you will have to overcome. A healthy discipline and patience is vital to your success. Once your mind has been tamed, your ego (self-identity) will slowly vaporize, losing its connection to your reality. Once the vaporization of the ego is complete, you are alone with the spirit. You have successfully shed away the layers of the mind and the ego, and now all that is left is the spirit. The truth is revealed, if you embrace it, a spiritual development will begin to unfold.

Ultimately, this moment is an awakening, akin to no other.