Yoga for the little ones

Exercise and mindfulness can be fun. Children’s Yoga can be an excellent after-school activity for your little ones to relax and release the tension of the day.

Yoga can alleviate hyperactivity, build patience and help them deal with emotional challenges.

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Private Sessions

A private Yoga session is designed to help create a home practice beneficial to your individual needs and areas of interest, such as posture alignment, strengthening, flexibility, stress alleviation, and a stronger mental state.

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Ayurveda and yoga complement one another. Ayurveda focuses on the purification of the body, and yoga focuses on the purification of the mind, but they are both holistic practices which enhance body, mind, and spirit.

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There are many techniques used for meditation. In our practice we focus on two techniques that are simple and effective; the breath focused meditation technique and the third eye focused meditation techniques. These techniques are used to lure your focus onto the subtle energies of the body which are directly linked to the essence of the spirit.

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Yoga at Work

Want to make your workplace a friendlier and happier place and also find a healthier practice to improve staff productivity? We can help by offering on-site yoga classes, customized to fit your needs. Minimal space requirements and flexible timings.

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